Half & half (and proud of it!)

Written by Kelly Quocksister from Whitehorse, Half & half (and proud of it!) has been a member of Urban Yukon since April 19, 2010.

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"You can't write that or say that. That information will be in So-and-so's book!"

Good bye Laich-Kwil-Tach Treaty Society. Hello unrepresented future for those of us off reserve?

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What I have learned about Kwawkseestahla and his three sons, so far.

The Indian Act of Canada and it's affects on the Kwawkseestahla, Kwaksista, Kwaksistala, Kwakseestahla, Quocksister Family.

My cousin Chief Russell Kwakseestahla.

I’m still blogging and doing so wisely.

Is it a lack of understanding or what?