The Happy Trappers

Written by Bryan and Vikki from Taku country, Northern B.C., The Happy Trappers has been a member of Urban Yukon since November 06, 2008.

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We're still alive and kicking... A Late Merry Christmas to you all

Merry Christmas to you all!

Our old dog Hannah passed away last week

Second Day of Traveling to get to the BC Trapper Convention

Trip Down South to BC Trappers Convention April 19, 2013

We had a blast.... learned lots, met great people... at the BC Trappers Convention

Come to the Trappers Convention in Ft. St. John

Chinese Food, Egg Foo Yong and Mu Shu Mixed Vegetables with noodles

Chinese Food homemade in Cabin... Sweet & Sour Chicken

Flew Out of the Lake....